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"Jesus used a show, tell, deploy, and supervise method of training. After calling the disciples he took them along with him, teaching and healing the sick as he went. Then, after he thought the disciples had seen and learned enough to try for themselves, he then commissioned, empowered, instructed, and sent them out to do the same things." - John Wimber

We recognize that we live in a world full of brokenness and need, and we believe God desires to intervene and bring restoration and transformation through relationship with Him. We are committed to this vision of community transformation as we partner with him in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of our neighbors.


We value and take part in opportunities to love and serve our city. As part of our DNA, we are regularly involved in ministry to the poor by serving and supporting organizations like Room in the Inn Shoals, a winter homeless shelter. We anticipate creating or partnering with a local food pantry, and we plan to support ongoing ministries that serve the poor in Florence and the surrounding Shoals area. As we grow, we envision facilitating regular kids' programs and events. We look forward to having our own space to be a multi-purpose gathering place for worship, teaching, prayer, and training through community groups. We envision our church as a future site for local and regional conferences, Vineyard Institute, training and worship events. We are already getting connected with global missions opportunities to support and serve, in India and Africa to start and potentially others. 

The Vineyard@Downtown exists to share a lifestyle of loving Jesus, knowing him, and making him known. We live to follow him and do what he is doing. We choose to love others as ourselves, without pretense; those in our community and all that we meet. We embrace passionate worship of him without hype. We value enriching life in a diverse authentic community. We believe the Vineyard@Downtown Community Church is a fresh expression of the unchanging Gospel here in the Shoals.  ​

Our greatest desire is to love Jesus, to know him, and to make him known.

We choose to follow him and be a part of what the Father is doing:

His great commission starting in us, in our neighborhood,

in our city, in the Shoals and in the world. 

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