Vineyard Sunday nights...​ 

  • Gathering begins about 6:35 pm; Service from 7 pm to 8ish.  

  • Enjoy community with each other, some worship, talk, and prayer.

  • Meeting at the Mackey's house. Contact us for the address.


Monday nights...

  • Womens Community Group weekly gathering for a time of worship, discussion and community. Starts about 6 pm and wraps up at 7:30ish.

  • Meeting this semester at Larissa's place. Contact us for the address.

  • Coffee and snacks included.

Tuesday nights... 

  • A weekly episode of The Chosen (Season One) until Easter Sunday.

  • Starts about 7:05 pm. Each episode is about one hour; Nothing else. 

  • Meeting at the Mackey's house. Contact us for the address.

  • Popcorn and snacks included.


Upcoming events:   

  • First Thursdays @ noon each month: take advantage of Flourishing Leaders prayer time - watch our FB page for the post and zoom link

  • Year 2021 Tuscaloosa Street House Show schedule (@the Mackeys) - beginning stages of planning a garage house show in June.  

  • Vineyard National Conference: October 18-21, Phoenix, AZ (onsite and virtual)

Events we have enjoyed participating in or hosting and look forward to again

  • Annual Vineyard National and Regional conferences are always a great time together!

  • Room in the Inn Shoals: We volunteer regularly at the local homeless in-take center that runs November 1 through late March annually - click here for details.  Join us.

  • Room at the Table Shoals (A community mission targeting food insecurities) 

  • UNA International Students outreach (Food donation in response to COVID impact) 

  • Hosted Rebuilding the Ruins ministries for healing ministry and training July 2019

  • Florence City Wide Cleanup (community service collecting trash around town)

  • Hops and Hymns @ Singin' River Brewing Company 

  • Inner City Summer Feeding Program at W. C. Handy Recreation Youth Center

Question? Comment? Prayer request?

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